How To Talk So Kids Will Practice

How To Talk So Kids Will Practice Just about everyone I’ve talked to has a challenge with getting their kids to practice.  I too had this issue.   When my son Alejandro was young, not only was I the parent, but also the teacher. It was very challenging and we would often end our lessons […]

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Ukulele for kids: what size should I get?

There are several sizes of Ukulele.  This instrument, from Hawaii, has had a major resurgence in the last decade or so. (If you’ve never heard of Jake Shimabukuro – just google him now.) And why not?  It’s so fun!  And portable! Plus you can get a really nice one for less than $100. The four most […]

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Recital Awesome-ness January 2017

Wow, what a great set of concerts we had on Saturday! Life Skills It’s truly amazing to see what our kids can accomplish with some directed focus, guidance and perseverance. These skills translate into wonderful life success skills and you may already notice them surfacing in areas like school, sports and homework. But, I think […]

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A Typical Music Lesson – My Approach to Teaching

Apologies for the site being down all of last week.  But we’re back!  Here’s a quick update and enjoy the week off for Thanksgiving!   As many of you know, in each of my lessons, my aim is to address 3 main areas: repertoire, reading and music theory. Repertoire This is building up a collection of pieces that […]