How To Talk So Kids Will Practice

How To Talk So Kids Will Practice Just about everyone I’ve talked to has a challenge with getting their kids to practice.  I too had this issue.   When my son Alejandro was young, not only was I the parent, but also the teacher. It was very challenging and we would often end our lessons […]

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How To Set Up A Successful Practice Routine

Pick a time of day when you can always practice, even for just a few minutes. Choose a small amount of time that you can always do, for example, 5 minutes. Set it on the calendar or sticky note or smartphone alarm. Practice for just the allotted time. If you feel you can do more […]

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Why Memorizing Music Is So Important

By Andrew Ingkavet With all of my students, I stress the importance of memorizing their pieces, especially for performance at a recital. Here’s some of the reasons why. Repetition is the Mother of Skill How many times did Tiger Woods hit a golf ball before ever entering a competition? Apparently he was already golfing at […]